Types of radars on airplanes (Airborne Radomes)
Weather radar: A weather radar system in an aircraft is used to detect whether targets (clouds) have moisture. High moisture or rainfall rates are usually associated with turbulence, so avoid flying through these areas if possible. The weather radar system makes this possible. The antenna emits a pulsed beam, and the clouds reflect some of it back. As part of the EHSI, these returning beams provide a visual display on a colored display. The colors represent the density of the cloud.

The radio altimeter: Calculates the vertical distance between the plane and the ground. The radio altitude is displayed on the display units in the flight compartment (DU). The radio altitude is calculated by comparing the transmitted and received signals with the receiver-transmitter unit. The receiver-transmitter unit sends a radio signal and then receives the reflected RF signal from the ground to determine the aircraft’s altitude.

Doppler navigation: A self-contained aircraft navigation system is Doppler navigation. This navigation method is mostly used in rotary-wing aircraft. It was also used for several years in fixed-wing aircraft before being replaced by global positioning system (GPS) navigation. https://voloradome.com/

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