Mobile Gynecology Clinic

At Enak ,we convert the ”Mobilehealthcare Vehicles” according to needs and wishes of customers all around the world.We have started our operations in Germany in 1993 and continue our 28 years of experience in Turkey and are exporting worldwide.

Enak , continues its activities. in Turkey, which provide the most accurate and superior quality and reliable delivery is part of our success as well as tailor made solutions and we are committed to our customer satisfaction with competitive prices and fast service.

At Enak,we build customised MobileGynecology vehicles, which we convert and design according to wishes and needs of customers.

Mobile Gynecology Clinic can be designed on a van or trailerwith different brands of chassis of vehicle.
It is designed in order to gynecological examine or make outpatient treatment to patients who live in rural areas and have limited access to the hospital.
İt can be consist of many rooms
İt can have locker room,in which the Women can dress up and undress.
The gynecological examination table can be mounted in the middle of the vehicle.on There can be made urologic and minor surgical operations.
There is a reception area for initial screening of patients and a waiting area (with a lavatory for both patients and staff).
The floor of the gynecological examination ambulance was covered with an epoxy material that can be cleaned easily
These mobile women’s clinics are devoted to obstetrics and gynecology, including female infertility, and family planning. Some of the equipment that can be implemented into these OB-GYN clinics are: 1) Ultrasound Machines; 2) fetal monitors; 3) PAP smear tests; 4) other female test equipment; etc.
All of these mobile women’s centers are fully capable of traversing the worst road networks on the planet in order to bringing women’s healthcare treatment to the most remote patients and villages in the world.

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İlan Bilgileri
  • Fiyat:
    ​2.000.000 TL
  • İlan Tarihi:
  • İlan No:
  • Marka:
  • Model:
  • Seri:
  • Araç Yılı:
  • Kilometre:
  • Yakıt Cinsi:
  • Vites:
  • Renk:
  • Motor Hacmi:
    1801 - 2000 cm3
  • Kasa Tipi:
    Kapalı Kasa
  • Kabin:
  • Kimden:
    Araç Sahibinden
  • Garanti:
  • İl:
  • İlçe:
  • Mahalle:
Yaklaşık Konum
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